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I was fortunate to sit on my first Author Panel. The Northern Ontario Virtual Author Panel, hosted by Writing Community, here in the North. With the Northern Ontario Book Fair canceled because of Covid-19, they wanted to bring news of Northern Writers to the book lovers in the area. Included were: Bryan Davies (Breaking A Hundred/A Four Season County, UFE Tagona Press), Darren Emond (Fantabulous Tales of Frivolous Fox, Chapter House), Dave Wickenden (Mad Dog, Black Rose Writing), Emma L.R. Hogg (Picket Fences, Tidewater Press), K.M. Cannon (Ashes in Winter, Pen Knights Press), Khadija “Kay” Styles (How Did We Get Here?, self-published), Patricia C. Lee (First Gear, Phoenix Literary Publishing), and Richard Whitten Barnes (Out of the Dark, Wings e-Press).

It was great to be introduced to these fellow Northern writers, who I will watch out for. The event was a lot of fun and it was great to see the different perspectives.

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