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Beta Reading Service Available

So you’ve written a book. What’s next? You need to find a reliable reader who can go through your story and find what’s working and what isn’t. Finding a good beta reader, who is honest, yet understanding, can be difficult and frustrating. I can help.

I have worked as an Editorial Intern for a small Independent publisher performing manuscript evaluations. I am currently doing the same for my own publisher, Black Rose Writing. I have seen novels that astounding and others that were not.

Beta reading is finding the faults so they can be fixed before your story is sent to a publisher or agent. As an author of five novels, I know what goes into writing a novel. I also know that family, although well tending, generally will hold back their real thoughts to spare your feelings. And yes, I have had other authors promise to go through my story, but never do because it takes too much time from their own creative process. For more of my process and what I look for, please visit:


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