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Book Launch and 1st Review

My latest novel, The Home Front, is now in ebook format and is available wherever ebooks are sold. I have issued a smart link that will allow readers to find the book at their favorite electronic book store.

First Editorial Review of The Home Front:

The Home Front

Which line stood out from all the others in the book?

All these people were dead or hurt because they came to hear me. For what little time I had left, I was going to have to live with that. I thought I was doing some good, one last fight; but in the end, I haven't made any positive difference.

General Summary for Context:

A fast paced thriller that follows a ninety five year US Veteran who has once fought in wars where he was trying to eradicate the very evil that has now sprung again in his own neighborhood. He suffers from a terminal illness with a prognosis of a few months, but takes the courageous decision rise up and face off against the Neo-Nazis before his demise. The story is driven by his single minded focus, dedication, and determination to fight those who threaten his homeland to the very end.

Concise Review:

A taut, poignant thriller. The writing style is strong and clear, with an engaging plot and the well developed characters. Detailed research makes the premise strikingly believable. I loved reading about a senior protagonist in a thriller, and found it to be a surprisingly genius match.

General thoughts on the Novel:

This story is gripping, inspiring, and trans-generational. It will appeal to all generations as it gives a resounding message of hope for the future to people despairing over the current state of affairs.

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